The professional experience we both have in the world of fashion, production and organization has led us to form this joint venture. The idea of the whole story began in Italy (Rome) where we agreed upon a vision of the future brand which we named Teddy Heart. Travelling through Spain inspired us to move the project to this country where we defined the name and design of the first season. After nine months, we finally completed the production of the project in Croatia (Zagreb).

As a harmonious duo under the pseudonym DonVex, we present our first collection under the somewhat provocative and intriguing name - My First Time, and we are certain that you will find yourself in one of the shirts.

It is important to note that more than 40 people from 7 countries have worked on this project. Here, we would like to thank all of them, as well as all of you, for recognizing our work.
As you enjoy our first collection, we are already preparing new surprises and projects that we look forward to sharing with you ☺